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Read: Plan 9 C Compilers, How to Use the Plan 9 C Compiler


Read: Bjarne Stroustrup: "I Did It For You All..."

Don’t click this link. Don’t click this link either. Definitely don’t click this link.



NOTE: Go is currently broken on 9front/386. Even 1.4.x versions which used to compile no longer build on 9front/386. 9front/amd64 seems to "work," 1.6.x inclusive. Usual caveats (pending issues) apply.

# automatically converted ca certs from mozilla.org

hget https://curl.haxx.se/ca/cacert.pem >/sys/lib/tls/ca.pem

# shell script that emulates git commands

hget http://9front.org/extra/rc/git >$home/bin/rc/git

chmod 775 $home/bin/rc/git

# fetch the repository

git clone https://go.googlesource.com/go

cd go

git checkout go1.4.2    # amd64 only: bootstrap 1.7.4 with 1.4.2

# build go

cd src


# install documentation

go get golang.org/x/tools/cmd/godoc

# go!

Read: Documentation - The Go Programming Language and Go Plan 9 Wiki



Perl 5.8.0, ported to Plan 9: http://plan9.bell-labs.com/sources/extra/perl.iso.bz2



Python 2.5.1 is included with the 9front distribution, not because anyone loves Python, but because it was required by Mercurial (also loved by no one), which was required by Google Code (shutting down in 2015). An abject lesson in expediency.

Jeff Sickel ported Python 2.7 to Plan 9.

Download it here.

David du Colombier’s notes on to install Python (and Mercurial) are available here.


Read: Ruby is Not Even Funny

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